Orion Prelude from worst game ever to one of the best


Orion Prelude

Gone from worst game ever to one of the most chosen on steam


“In 2012 we released one of the most detrimental games ever” claims the opening of the new truck for ORION: Prelude, the dinosaur-infested multiplayer game from TREK Market sectors. The trailer continues on to proudly screen horrible reviews from a number of big-name video games sites. Quite a strange way to market your game, TREK…

But comes the punch series. Since 2012 TREK have been assisting their game with free updates. And within the last 3 years, ORION: Prelude has finally become something that gets them flooded with a huge selection of positive Heavy steam reviews.

If you’re all of a sudden anxious to play the most detrimental/best game on Steam, doing so can cost you simply a solitary dollar or 50p in United Kingdom. We must say that for the price of the game, you cant go wrong for endless hours of fun killing dinosaurs with your friends.

Even thought i would say that this is not a rip-off the zombies in call of duty it is pretty similar but hey, we all love our zombie rounds. This game includes the basics from zombies on call of duty but have taken it one step further by including vehicles and with pretty much no where to hide so survival is a big thing.

The game has loads to offer including various weapons including pistols, secondary weapons, primary weapons and set downs like turrets. You can also upgrade you character with faster reloading, extra damage, instant revive of team mates and many more smaller perks like jet pack, higher jumper and much more.

There are many maps to choose from including survival which we love, free for all, capture the flag and many more.

This game is a must!



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