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This game has taken everyone by storm and has even passed the developers expectations and goals to where they wanted to be. The game is about survival and harvesting items to build better weapons, armour, vehicles and items for your home. You will have to survive other players attacking your base and waves of zombies while hunting for resources.


We have put together a survival guide to help you on your way:

Your Basics

Spear, hatchet, pickaxes are three tools that will be the first possible schematics which you will learn as soon as you start the game. You can check the near by divided car for loot which is derelict and even though you will not be able to repair it, it will stay there for you to store items in.

Then go collecting Pine Logs, Limestone, and learning all schematics that you can. We recommend building the hatchet and pickaxe first, as the items are easy to get hold of and will make your game a lot easier on the travels.

While they are not a must for collecting resources as you can find branches and small limestone on the floor, you will also be able to break bigger limestone rocks and cut down trees which will give you a +3 to each of the resources plus you will get 10 experience per hit as you collect.

Build your self a house

With tools at hand and some levels under your belt, another move is to make roughing it just a little less hard. The Back pack, Garden, Rain catcher, and house are next on the list.

The Back pack makes harvesting and carrying of items easier by doubling your total inventory space that you can carry. The Garden and Rain catcher will help to keep you stocked on food and water and keep appetite and dehydration away. (Keep empty bottle for later!!)

Make sure you build walls all around you home as they can only be knocked down with C4 which is not available until very late in the game which will stop other players from stealing your goods.


For your upgrades you are going to want to put chests in to your home for when you scavenge and find loot ready for upgrades. Upgrades can be earn by levelling your character up which you can do by collecting resources and killing zombies.

Upgrades are key in the game as you will be able to get better armour, weapons and vehicles. You can get up-gradable parts by purchasing them with real money, finding them in airplane crashes and drops or by building workbenches and building your own.

Remember… With upgrades comes power and with power comes achivements!

Survive or be eaten, that the game!



  1. furtdso linopv
    October 05, 2018 8:48 pm Reply

    Hello. remarkable job. I did not anticipate this. This is a fantastic story. Thanks!

  2. Leroywheex
    December 21, 2018 10:04 am Reply

    Im loving this game 🙂

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