About us

About us!

We are a small group of gamer’s that have been playing games since the 80’s when we all had the Spectrum Sinclair, yes that is right! the “PC” that you had to load games from a cassette player and took around 15 minutes to load the game and when it was finally loaded you realized that actually you wanted to play something else.

Since then between us we have practically played all the consoles and have had the privileges to play most of the well know games.

We decided to open the website to bring you all our experiences with games and to let you know of any new hardware or software news so that you can be up to date by just following one website.

We appreciate any feedback that you may have for us and if you wanted us to cover any game or news or simply wanted an update on something then please let us know.

Many thanks to all of our followers and we appreciate your support